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For sale Friday, January 27th at 3pm EST, 2023

The Crypto Culinary Club is a collection of 10,000 different chef styled NFTs. Each piece is a 1-of-1 collectible living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your chef token doubles as your membership to the most exclusive dining club in the world. The one time fee of 2 ETH grants members access to exclusive fine dining events where they can try the food from the best alongside other members.

Taste the Food you see on TV!

Everything Crypto Culinary is members only. By using NFT's as our membership token, it allows us to digitally verify ownership through our website and discord and provide members with real world events and dining experiences. In order to attend our events, one must own a chef and be one of the first to register for a limited spot. Members will receive a 1-of-1 menu masterfully curated from one of your favorite chefs just like they see on TV. Your token is your way in.