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The Ultimate Fine Dining Experience

As a part of the Crypto Culinary Club


Members can attend events with cuisine delicately crafted by some of the world's most famous chefs. Dine with other members, celebrities, and a few special guests.


Your membership cost includes your food at most of our events, access to our open bars, and much more. A collectible on the blockchain with real-world tangibility.

Purchase your token. Sign in and create a membership profile on our site. Once signed in, users can sign up for private events all over the world hosted by our chefs. 



I'm a Member.
Now what?

1. Once you've purchased a token, your design will be revealed 1 Week after our mint is live. Before it will look like this:

2. Within the first week of February, we will open up our membership portal. This is where member can verify their token, and create a profile on our website. 

3. Once created, members who login, will have access to sign up for whatever events are available that they'd like to attend, at no additional charge. 


We talk a lot about our events. But what are they? Because we have the world's most renowned chefs on our team, we've decided to give our members the experience of a lifetime. Our chefs will be hosting "events" all over the world at special venues where they serve food as you've never seen before. The type of food you see on cooking shows and wish you could try. Literally! Depending on the event, you may even be able to come and see two chefs go head to head! And guess who gets to try all the food? YOU!

Mokbar Back Entrance_edited.jpg

Private, elegant, exclusive, and extravagant are all words to describe the type of events we will be hosting. Enjoy a custom menu curated specifically for members by the hands of the best chefs in the world.


Our chefs cook in restaurants around the globe. Allowing creativity and personal taste to shine in each of their custom menus. 

The Ultimate dining experience

At first glance, you might be thinking that the price of the token is high at 2 ETH, especially on top of the price of the food. You'd be wrong.


Along with gaining access to private events, the one-time purchase of our token grants members everything, including the food. There will always be an open bar for members of the legal drinking age. Our chefs will also be pairing wine or champagne with each course served. For the first year of our events, everything including the incredible custom menu curated by our world-class chefs will also be included.


Reserve a spot on our website, verify your token at the door, then enjoy your night, courtesy of Crypto Culinary Club.

Alan food 4.jpg
Curtis 2.jpg

Our high-profile guest list gives members a chance to have amazing conversations with people they never thought they'd meet. Our aim is to create an unforgettable experience combining both food and web3. Our guest list ranges from actors to professional athletes and crypto enthusiasts. Everyone coming together, to make connections and eat delicious food from the best chefs in the world.

Your ultimate dining experience begins with the purchase of your Crypto Culinary Club Token.

High Society
Fine Dining

Five Course Menu. Wine and Champagne Pairing. 

Curated and prepared by one of our founding chefs. Food from the best in the world made just for our members to enjoy.


Cooking Zooms

Along with our events, we are also hosting personalized cooking zooms exclusive to CCC members. 


Our chefs will be cooking and teaching members to make one of their signature dishes over zoom.


1. Buy your membership Token

2. Create your membership profile on our site

3. Check out our "Events" Page

4. Pick a Zoom and Reserve your Spot
5. Receive and follow the ingredient list

6. Join the zoom and cook along with one of our chefs

Cooking Zooms


Crypto Culinary Club is the hub for everything surrounding food and web3. 

We are building a community of active and enthusiastic members who are looking to meet people, make connections, and try amazing food. We value your presence.